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About Us

Founded by Ms. Leung Sing-tak, BBS, MBE, JP, the New Territories Women & Juveniles Welfare Association (our “Association” or “NTWJWA”) is a charitable organisation that has always endeavoured to serve the community with family at its core.

Armed with the passion to improve the status and welfare of the elderly, women and children during the postwar era, Ms. Leung set out to organise and promote cultural and recreational activities, subsidise education for underprivileged children, and provide family mediation. In 1967, Ms. Leung formally registered the New Territories Women and Juveniles Welfare Association as a non-profit limited company.

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Since then, the Association has grown to establish the:



We also serve the elderly through Pak U Neighbourhood Elderly Centre in Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, which provides daycare services for the elderly and community care services for senior citizens.

In addition to establishing numerous service units, the Association regularly promotes cultural and recreational activities in the community made possible through charitable donations from our Directors, volunteers, and friends who share the same passion to serve.

Vision & Mission

From its inception, the Association has responded to the unique needs of the elderly in rural areas and was the first to provide cultural and recreational activities and personal services to the elderly in the Hung Shui Kiu district of Yuen Long. It also actively organises a number of community services and educational programmes to enable the elderly to enhance their sense of personal competence, improve how society views the elderly community, and promote social harmony and inclusiveness.

In the face of rapid social changes in Hong Kong, the Association will continue to focus on the family, providing learning opportunities, moral education, independent thinking training while caring for the disadvantaged to achieve a united and harmonious society.


Build a better living environment for the family while caring for each other and sharing in happiness.


“Rooted in Family, Built on Virtue.” To extend our care of the family to our community, jointly building a harmonious and inclusive society.


Provide services that will allow individuals in need to develop their independence, autonomy and quality of life so as to enable them to contribute back to society.

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