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Elderly Services

 In November 1994, the Association opened Watt Pak U Memorial Social Centre for the Elderly”. In October 2014, it was upgraded to a Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, namely NTWJWASSDL Pak U Neighbourhood Elderly Centre.

In January 2017, the Centre was relocated to Hung Fuk Estate, Hung Shui Kiu and continues to provide services to elderly in the area.


The service area of the centre covers one public housing estate, seven rural villages and more than 30 private housing estates.

Scope of Service

  • Health education

  • Educational and developmental activities

  • Provision of information on community resources and referral services

  • Volunteer development

  • Carer support services

  • Educational and supportive programmes on dementia

  • Pre-retirement planning

  • Promotion of digital technology and gerontechnology

  • Counselling services

  • Reaching out and networking

  • Social and recreational activities

  • Drop-in service, etc.

照顧者工作坊 Carer workshop 2.jpeg
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NTWJWASSDL Pak U Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

No. 1, G/F, Hung Shing House,

Hung Fuk Estate, Hung Shui Kiu,

Yuen Long, N.T.


Tel: (852) 2443 1533

Fax: (852) 2470 5263  



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