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Early Childhood Education Services

Throughout the New Territories, we operate five nursery schools and one kindergarten on a non-profit making basis, serving more than 700 children aged two to six years old as well as providing workshops and seminars to their parents.

We provide quality pre-school education services to develop and enhance children’ intellectual, physical, language, social and emotional abilities through stimulating and well-balanced curriculum and activities.


​We cultivate good habits in children and promote their self-care abilities to prepare them for a smooth transition to primary schooling. We value parental participation, consider parents as partners in children education, and work with them to nurture our children.


Support Services

Within our nursery schools, we participate in the Integrated Programme, which provides young children with special educational needs the opportunity to be integrated into the learning environment of our schools with the support of customised learning programmes, training and care.


We also provide Occasional Child Care Services, which assists parents who are unable to take care of their young children by providing a safe place for their young children on a temporary basis.

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